Sunday, September 26, 2010

Huh...Did another weekend just pass by?

Kay...I can't believe another weekend has just gone by...seriously days are going by way too fast and I'm not able to keep track of it on the blog :(

So, here's me trying to keep track of the week gone by:

Garment Construction class had us learn how to make Gatherings, Ruffles and Shirring this week. And, Oh we had to complete those pleats too:

I'm still working on it...Gotta finish these and the Ruffles are pending. I think I'll be able to stitch a skirt for myself soon :) Never thought this day would come hehe. This is the kinda skirt I'm planning on making in the near future:
I know, I know...simple & chic eh?? ;)

And then, the color theory class....grr this class assgs seem to be never-ending...after working on the textures,
we had to start working on Lines and Shapes...

Yeah, these are different kind lines. Still gotta finish diagonal and asymmetric lines. And then gotta start work on shapes....I told ya, never ending... 

We did Fashion theory stuff in this week's Fashion Styling class too. See, this is the disadvantage of having the same teacher for two subjects. There's no escape from the subject even for a week.

Finally, in the Fashion Illustration class, after finishing with faces (with measurements mind you...), we got to hairstyles:

Sorry for the bad quality of this ^^ image...this is what happens when I snap a pic in the dead of the night and then try to edit it in GIMP...

Anyways, I'm all geared up for tomorrow's Garment Construction class... I'm guessing it to be Tucks...

TC everyone until my next post.

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