Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun with Antiques

Clearing out my wardrobe was a lot of fun! I digged out all my old clothes...some of them fit me and lots of them didn't. I think this is one the biggest projects I've undertaken in a while, I was clearing it after I don't know how many years! Hehe... anyways, I managed to unearth some very weird pieces and some really pretty ones:

I found this billowy georgette top by "Shantanu & Nikhil". It's pretty old, I guess about five years old :P It makes me look like some kinda desert queen or something lol. But, I love it. The embroidery and detailing on the front is to die for! Maybe I'll wear it sometime....

Next, I found this uber unusual, hot pink top. The colour didn't really come through in the pic, but trust me, it's reaally bright. I think it's a little weird, but, maybe if I syle it right, I can carry it off fine....

Now, this is one piece that I'm really happy to find. This black and white frilly, layered skirt is reeaally pretty and I intend to wear this on a regular basis.

This scarf is the height of weird...I don't even remember buying it! Maybe I can tie it around one of my bags, but around the neck?! No can see how bad it looks:

Other than this, I found lots of really nice pieces that I can use on a daily basis. But, I didn't find them interesting enough to post here....

So, that was my wardrobe clearing story.

Oh and this is the new set I created on "polyvore" for that new Prabal Gurung contest:
God, I never win these contests...but, I have my fingers crossed! And I'm gonna make more sets to enter if I get the time.

And hey, we have our festival tomorrow! "Ganesh Chaturthi"! So, gonna be pretty busy with family tomorrow... Later folks :)

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