Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Start of the Beginning (Part 2)

After displaying my obvious partiality to "Fashion Illustration" in my previous post, I'll now move on to other aspects of my flashback...

Next, we had a class called "Fashion Theory". Again a very interesting class. This is where they teach us about materials, textures and colours. The teacher for this subject is really cool and chilled out. Lots of us mistook her for a student when we saw her... she just looks too young for her age. And I just love her dressing. Her look is kinda "Contemporary Bohemian", with lots of skirts, layers and long beaded chains. But, there is hardly any floral prints or light colours in her clothing. It's something like this...

So, I'm not really sure what it should be called. Do give your suggestions on this readers....

Getting back to her classes, first we learnt about color theory and colour schemes...and she asked us to design an outfit for each of the colour schemes. And this was supposed to be for our final portfolio, so, it had to look good! And since we still hadn't perfected figure drawing in "Fashion Illustration" class, she asked us to use croquis. So, yeah I used some croquis are the results...

We had to make A total of eight outfits for the eight colour schemes.

Next we had "Garment Construction" class....this is one area that I have no clue about. I've never even stitched a button in my, I very nearly got a heart attack on seeing this industrial machine that we were supposed to work on:

Kay this is not the actual machine, didn't get to take a snap in class...but it does look like this. I was really freaked about turning it's power button on, let alone touch it. But, they made us practice controlling the machine speed for few weeks. So, I kinda got the hang of it. However, the cloth still flies off when I'm trying to stitch on it, due to the speed, sometimes. Or, sometimes I make it so slow that it stops stitching altogether...

While my machine woes show no interest in taking some rest, they started teaching us hand-stitching techniques...I personally found this a little boring. So, don't wanna say much about this.

And finally, we had a class called "Fashion Styling". This is a class that we all love. It's all about learning to put together the right outfits for a person, depending on their body shape, complexion, etc. It also deals with getting to know the right kind of hair and make-up for a particular face shape. It also includes dressing up appropriately for different occasions. Oh and btw, "Fashion Theory" and "Fashion Styling" are conducted by the same lady...

So, in one of  the classes, she made us watch Marie Antoinette and then asked us to design 3 outfits taking inspiration from the movie. This wasn't a very important assignment, so, I just made something very simple, using croquis:

I agree they are shoddily, please don't judge these.

And in another class of hers, we were given a theme to dress up for class. The theme was Gothic... it didn't have to be totally gothic. We just needed to show an element of Goth in our dressing. Coincidentally, I had a black shrug with me that has the potential of being the definition of Goth. So, for this I tried to imitate Alice Cullen's style, from the  twilight series, and wore the shrug over a grey dress, with cropped black leggings underneath and black ballerinas. Some black eyeliner completed my look. But, the piece that stole the show was the shrug. So, here's a picture of my winning shrug:

I think the black lace, frills and the high collar all spell G-O-T-H-I-C...don't you agree, everyone?
Phew....I'm finally done with the flash back! Now I'm free to post newer and better stuff. And you guyz won't have to deal with my tediously long posts anymore.

So, see ya tomorrow....enjoy everyone!

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