Sunday, November 14, 2010

When in Bangalore...

Kay, once again posting after a long internet connection was disconnected for some maintenance reasons. The connection got back yesterday and I have a hell lot of stuff to share!

I'd been in Bangalore for my cousin's engagement. So, this post is just gonna be about that. Will post about the classes in my next post :)

In India everything even remotely related to marriage is a big, how can an engagement be left behind?

Well my cousin's fiancée is a Bangalore based gal, so the engagement too was in Bangalore. My cousin along with all his close relatives (including me btw :P) went to Bangalore. First thing on reaching there, the gift decoration was attested to me. All the gifts (clothes, etc,etc...) being given by my cousin to his fiancée and her family were to be wrapped up with elan. So, I was given this material purchased beforehand by my aunt for the decoration:
On the first look I wasn't very happy with the material, but I started working with them anyways, and the end results were really appreciated by everyone *blush blush*

I used a different theme/colour scheme for the men's gifts & the women's gifts. And ofcourse, the bride's had to be unique. So, a different theme for her gift too. Here is what I made,

I used this peachy gold tissue cloth with a green border/lace and green and copper flowers for the women's gifts (sarees and stuff) and this is how it turned out:

And then, I used a deeper brick reddish tissue and a thin blue border/lace to wrap up the men's gifts. 

Finally, to wrap up the bride's sari, which she was gonna wear for the engagement party in the evening, I used silver tissue and silver lace:

In case your wondering where the lace is, I used the silver lace to make these ^ flowers.  

So, yeah that was about the gifts I wrapped (mostly I just decorated the clothes). Other than these, my aunt got the rest of the gifts decorated by a paid decorator. She didn't want the clothes to get handled and spoiled by paid decorators, so she gave me the job. At the engagement hall, our gifts were all put up together on this long table. So, here's a quick glance at the gift table:

Now coming to the actual event, there were to be two events. A traditional Indian engagement in the temple, in the morning. So, here we were all supposed to dress up traditional. Traditional reds, maroons and yellows in gold woven silks (kanjeevarams), gold ornaments and flowers in the hair:

The bride looked gorgeous in a typical traditional attire. Sorry, I was running around a lot doing errands at the time, so hardly had a moment to snap a better pic... :P

I dressed up in a traditional yellow & red half-sari. Kay, for those who don't know, you'll just have to google up to see what a half-sari is. It's something that's mostly worn by unmarried girls.
So, after the puja and everything we were done with the event in the morning. 

Next, we were gonna have an engagement party in a more contemporary style, complete with the rings exchange and stuff.

The hall was decorated in pretty shades of pink, lavender, purple and gold:

Coincidentally, I too dressed up in a lavender and gold sari. I dunno if it's fate or my uncanny fashion sense, but somehow, I always end up dressing up to blend in with the environment wherever I go....

hm...that is kinda good right?... Anyways, all I can say about the party was that it was a night of pastels. 

The bride wore a pink saree with swarowski studded silver embroidery all over. It was btw the one that I gift wrapped earlier. And you probably realised why I used the silver tissue to wrap it...

And my cousin dressed up in this indowestern sherwani-suit in off white, specially designed for him, to go with the bride's sari:
There were rings exchanged...
...and Cake!!
Aww....I really miss this cake. Anyways, after the rings got exchanged, the cake was cut and dinner served, a dance floor was set up and we had a great time shaking the leg to some rocking numbers played by the dj. 

So, that was about the engagement in Bangalore ....I hope I didn't bore the hell out of all of you...this sure is one long post, huh? Well, I can totally predict that my next post is gonna be much longer than this. Got a lots of classes to cover up hehe.... See ya'll later...:)    

Sunday, October 24, 2010

After a hiatus

After a whole week of falling ill, being in bed rest and then spending the whole of next week working rigorously on the pending work, I'm finally back to my good ol' blog. Feels great to be posting after such a long time. Now this is gonna be one long post. Sorry if I'm boring you, but, hey, this post has 17 days worth of work!!!

First of all, about the photo shoot that I was all excited about. It sorta got stalled for our team because of me
:(...we have decided on 5 looks, but, we are yet to start working on it.

Next, garment construction....this class is especially going totally wrong for me. I have so much, so much pending work. I'm yet to finish with tucks and apparently they taught pockets and stuff which I missed. I have to complete those as well.

For color theory class we have to design outfits and make illustrations for each one of the Principles of design. This too is underway and I have a lot left to do. I'm just finished with two:

assymetrical balance


And then yeah, you guessed that right :P Fashion illustration class....kay too much has happened in this class. But, she makes sure no one has anything pending, so, fortunately I don't have much work pending for this class. They made us work on advanced poses (which I've used in the above illustrations too btw):

and then, we moved on to detailing. Like, ruching, quilting, ruffles, smocking, etc. Sorry but don't have pix for this, yet to finish. Finally we learnt making prints. First, we were made to try and copy prints from mag pictures, as they are:

print swatches

And then, we had to use this print in a full illustration (sorry had to do this within a time of 20 mins in class, so, didn't turn out that great):

And make a full illustration with an innovative print:

I'm still a beginner at illustration, so, I'm still sorta experimenting with different mediums and techniques. Just checking out what works best with what, etc. So, there is a lot of inconsistency in my illustrations...please don't mind.

And apart from all these illustrations, we have started working on texture making. We have to pick a non-fashion related picture from the magazines and try to create a texture, taking inspiration from it on a piece of cloth.I'm actually done making these but sorry can't get pictures of them right now as we had to leave them in class for display. Will post them next week.

So, yeah that was that. 

And, btw, the moment my best friend came home for 2 days and I got a bit of free time, first thing I did was go to the neighborhood rock garden with my friend and take a breath of fresh air. I was still feeling a little sick, so, I dressed up comfortably in a loose printed draped pant and a white shirt. I ended up feeling much better. I love connecting to nature every now and then. And it's really lucky that I have this little green haven right across from my house:

I'm expecting another very hectic schedule this week as I'll be away from home for 4 days - going for my cousin's engagement. I'm gonna miss more classes this week! And I can't imagine the size of the workload when I get back! But still, hopefully I'll be able to share some great moments after getting back. And hopefully, I should be back in time for this week's illustration class on thursday....

Later everyone :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eek...I'm no model!

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Phew... glad I'm done with the Fashion illustration assg for tomorrow. Or, I would've been slogging away over it right now, rather than writing this post.

So yeah, Monday and Tuesday had us learn tucks in the garment construction class. And God, the air conditioner wasn't working in that machine lab this week and it was so damn hot because of the machines and stuff! Ugh...none of us could get much stitching done in that kinda heat. They'd better be done repairing the A/C by  next week or, I wonder how those machines are even working in that kind of heat...?

Anyways, today we had fashion styling class....what we see on entering the class is, some other batch students being dressed up and made-up and the class room buzzing with activity!

We then get to know that they were being dressed up for a photo shoot and.....we'll be doing the same in the coming few weeks! We have been divided into teams of four, and each team has been given themes- Indian Camp, Indian Kitsch, Western Camp, Western Kitsch. Our team ended up with Western Camp. And so, we have to decide on 5 looks that give an example of Western Camp and then dress up accordingly and create the background and find the props for the photo shoot!!

All I wanted to say was, "Hey, I'm no model dude! I'm a fashion designer for God's sake!". But then, at the end of the day, I had to agree that this was after all a fun activity and a really memorable experience. So, yeah my mind is now totally working overtime on this project as I think of all the endless possibilities with this photoshoot :)

And btw, while the photo shoot was going on today, we were supposed to stand around and watch...and supposedly learn something from it, but, I got really bored and decided to do a photo shoot for myself! Hehe So, with my friend's help, I managed to capture these pix. I know they're bad quality- courtesy, iphone. But, anyways, here they are:

I just wore this pink and grey striped tunic, blue jeggings, a Forever 21 two-tone open black and white cardigan and my fav black ballerinas. I just wore a hot pink over-size bangle to add some spunk. And a black hand bag... 

News and gossip about "Project Photo Shoot" to follow. So stay tuned folks...only on Channel SITMS! LOL

Buh- bye for now everyone :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy or lazy??

This week was mostly full of holidays... So, hardly attended classes and so...well, I got really lazy. I had this long break after a long time and I just felt like lazing around. And hence, I couldn't really find anything interesting enough for a blog post. I just spent the week completing all the pending assignments, starting with new assignments and in the rest of the time, just lazing around.... or, to anyone who asked me, "Too busy, too much work, la la la...". I know, I'm being too honest, so, showing even more honesty, here is what I've done over the week. And these are not really all, I just didn't find my other assignments picture worthy...

This is the Fahion Illusration assignment:

I know, it's not that great, but hey, I'm still learning!

 Anyways, here are the samples of two kinds of ruffles that I made:

Other than this I finished stitching seams, etc... although we had Garment Construction class this week, they didn't teach us anything new and just made us work on our pending works...

Now, I have my fingers crossed for the new week...hopefully it'll be more interesting and I get the chance to blog post more often this week. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Huh...Did another weekend just pass by?

Kay...I can't believe another weekend has just gone by...seriously days are going by way too fast and I'm not able to keep track of it on the blog :(

So, here's me trying to keep track of the week gone by:

Garment Construction class had us learn how to make Gatherings, Ruffles and Shirring this week. And, Oh we had to complete those pleats too:

I'm still working on it...Gotta finish these and the Ruffles are pending. I think I'll be able to stitch a skirt for myself soon :) Never thought this day would come hehe. This is the kinda skirt I'm planning on making in the near future:
I know, I know...simple & chic eh?? ;)

And then, the color theory class....grr this class assgs seem to be never-ending...after working on the textures,
we had to start working on Lines and Shapes...

Yeah, these are different kind lines. Still gotta finish diagonal and asymmetric lines. And then gotta start work on shapes....I told ya, never ending... 

We did Fashion theory stuff in this week's Fashion Styling class too. See, this is the disadvantage of having the same teacher for two subjects. There's no escape from the subject even for a week.

Finally, in the Fashion Illustration class, after finishing with faces (with measurements mind you...), we got to hairstyles:

Sorry for the bad quality of this ^^ image...this is what happens when I snap a pic in the dead of the night and then try to edit it in GIMP...

Anyways, I'm all geared up for tomorrow's Garment Construction class... I'm guessing it to be Tucks...

TC everyone until my next post.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Extended Weekend

Due to my extended weekend, I couldn't find the time to come online, let alone post here. So, get set for a very long post! 

Kay, so, after the work overload I had to deal with all over last week, the weekend was all fun and relaxed. And, I actually think I earned it.

So, my relaxed weekend kicked off on the evening of Sunday. It was my friend's B'day and that night was gonna be her night. So, we got all dressed-up...I wore this A'Gaci grey & white printed Kimono dress with black stockings and black ballerinas. Oh and these are the bday girl's platforms :) :

Ans then, first, went to this Grill Bar. It was a totally rocking place with good music. And, it had outdoor seating with flowering trees all around and an occasional flower or two falling into our laps.  And a waterfall running over one side. It was a very pleasant place.
The Grill Bar (Sorry for the bad quality, captured it with my iphone)

After snacks, drinks, B'day cake and loads of fun, my friend took us to this hotel for dinner. This hotel had a special midnight buffet, so, we went there around mid-night. We just casually enter the hotel....and, guess what we find there?? There is supposed to be an Award Presentation Show going on there and the place is star studded! We got to see loads of our favorite stars hanging out in the place! They were all Indian actors ofcourse. Sonu Sood, Raima Sen and Prabhu Deva were some of the stars we saw, apart from loads of other regional stars. Anyways, so, after having dinner, we just hung out there going around and just chilling, while keeping an eye on all the actors and what they were up to. So, that was one kool experience. And ofcourse, the hotel's ambience added to out great mood. 
So, yeah after hanging out enough, we went back to my friend's place at around 2.30 in the night and had a sleepover there. Ofcourse, the sleeping part was very little. So, as a result, we got up really late the next day. And went for a very late lunch at 3 in the afternoon. I skipped class for the day :P But then it was worth it...:) So, yeah, we went to HardRock Cafe for lunch.

And after having a good meal, we decided to go bowling. But, we were all dead tired and sleepy. So, we cancelled bowling and instead went for a long drive on the highway...

The drive was all about great music, scenic windows, speed and bundles of fun!

And finally, our drive ended with the sunset and it was time to go home! Ofcourse, after that all of us had to sleep for two whole days to compensate for our lost sleep hehe :) 

I did attend class the next day, but don't feel like talking about class right now...So, I just want to dedicate this song for the outing. Njoy everyone :) TC...

Friday, September 17, 2010

All work and no play...

This is probably going to be the most hectic week in my life. It has been full of activities. And since I wasn't able to post for two whole days, I owe a long post...

First of all, here is the "Fashion Styling" class' assg that I was talking about.

These are my wardrobe essentials. I included everything that I can't do without in my daily life. To be more specific, this is my list of wardrobe essentials:
  • Indian wear (party wear as well as casuals) and Indian jewellery.
  • Jackets and cardigans are a must for me.
  • I always always wear a watch. 
  • I just can't do without bangles.
  • I love Kimono dresses and wear them a lot.
  • I use lots of clutches
  • Being a denim fan, I wear denim a lot in all forms - Jeans, dresses, jackets, jeggings...
  • Hairbands are a must for me. They are very functional and look really cute at the same time.
  • I am a very clumsy person, so, flats and chunky heels are for me. The only time I tried to wear high heels, I fell and injured my leg badly, so since then, heels are a complete no-no for me :P
  • Other than that, I wear leggings with most of my outfits and I wear a belt most of the time. And, not to forget, I love stoles and scarves!
So, yep that's my list of wardrobe essentials. And, you can find everything that I mentioned in the collage below:

 And for the celebrity wardrobe essentials collage, I chose Kristen Stewart. I chose her because she has a very definitive, part gothic style. And, I like her :) So, in the collage I tried to include her wardrobe essentials and then showed how she can improvise her wardrobe without having to disturb her individual style. Her wardrobe essentials include black leather jackets, black leather pants, boots, skinny jeans black and white dresses. I feel that she should try to add a touch of colour - dark colours, to her outfits. And, a little bling & mettalic sheen would do good too.


Now that I'm done with talking about "Fashion Styling" class, I'll move on to next day's "Fashion Illustration"...For the class, we had to make 3 figures with basic poses and basic clothes. So, here they are:

And in yesterday's Fashion Illustration class, we practiced drawing the female face with measurements.

Then, coming to the "Fashion Theory" class, we had to make different textures and prints. I'm still working on it...but, here are a few of what I made:

Incase your wondering what that tooth brush is doing there, it's an old tooth brush that I used to give a spray effect.

Okay that's all for today everyone....I know, this was a pretty boring post, but hey, so was my week! Anyways, I'm eagerly waiting for the weekend. I really need a break now...Hopefully, I'll have the time to make better posts over the weekend...