Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy or lazy??

This week was mostly full of holidays... So, hardly attended classes and so...well, I got really lazy. I had this long break after a long time and I just felt like lazing around. And hence, I couldn't really find anything interesting enough for a blog post. I just spent the week completing all the pending assignments, starting with new assignments and in the rest of the time, just lazing around.... or, to anyone who asked me, "Too busy, too much work, la la la...". I know, I'm being too honest, so, showing even more honesty, here is what I've done over the week. And these are not really all, I just didn't find my other assignments picture worthy...

This is the Fahion Illusration assignment:

I know, it's not that great, but hey, I'm still learning!

 Anyways, here are the samples of two kinds of ruffles that I made:

Other than this I finished stitching seams, etc... although we had Garment Construction class this week, they didn't teach us anything new and just made us work on our pending works...

Now, I have my fingers crossed for the new week...hopefully it'll be more interesting and I get the chance to blog post more often this week. 

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