Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eek...I'm no model!

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Phew... glad I'm done with the Fashion illustration assg for tomorrow. Or, I would've been slogging away over it right now, rather than writing this post.

So yeah, Monday and Tuesday had us learn tucks in the garment construction class. And God, the air conditioner wasn't working in that machine lab this week and it was so damn hot because of the machines and stuff! Ugh...none of us could get much stitching done in that kinda heat. They'd better be done repairing the A/C by  next week or, I wonder how those machines are even working in that kind of heat...?

Anyways, today we had fashion styling class....what we see on entering the class is, some other batch students being dressed up and made-up and the class room buzzing with activity!

We then get to know that they were being dressed up for a photo shoot and.....we'll be doing the same in the coming few weeks! We have been divided into teams of four, and each team has been given themes- Indian Camp, Indian Kitsch, Western Camp, Western Kitsch. Our team ended up with Western Camp. And so, we have to decide on 5 looks that give an example of Western Camp and then dress up accordingly and create the background and find the props for the photo shoot!!

All I wanted to say was, "Hey, I'm no model dude! I'm a fashion designer for God's sake!". But then, at the end of the day, I had to agree that this was after all a fun activity and a really memorable experience. So, yeah my mind is now totally working overtime on this project as I think of all the endless possibilities with this photoshoot :)

And btw, while the photo shoot was going on today, we were supposed to stand around and watch...and supposedly learn something from it, but, I got really bored and decided to do a photo shoot for myself! Hehe So, with my friend's help, I managed to capture these pix. I know they're bad quality- courtesy, iphone. But, anyways, here they are:

I just wore this pink and grey striped tunic, blue jeggings, a Forever 21 two-tone open black and white cardigan and my fav black ballerinas. I just wore a hot pink over-size bangle to add some spunk. And a black hand bag... 

News and gossip about "Project Photo Shoot" to follow. So stay tuned folks...only on Channel SITMS! LOL

Buh- bye for now everyone :)

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