Sunday, September 26, 2010

Huh...Did another weekend just pass by?

Kay...I can't believe another weekend has just gone by...seriously days are going by way too fast and I'm not able to keep track of it on the blog :(

So, here's me trying to keep track of the week gone by:

Garment Construction class had us learn how to make Gatherings, Ruffles and Shirring this week. And, Oh we had to complete those pleats too:

I'm still working on it...Gotta finish these and the Ruffles are pending. I think I'll be able to stitch a skirt for myself soon :) Never thought this day would come hehe. This is the kinda skirt I'm planning on making in the near future:
I know, I know...simple & chic eh?? ;)

And then, the color theory class....grr this class assgs seem to be never-ending...after working on the textures,
we had to start working on Lines and Shapes...

Yeah, these are different kind lines. Still gotta finish diagonal and asymmetric lines. And then gotta start work on shapes....I told ya, never ending... 

We did Fashion theory stuff in this week's Fashion Styling class too. See, this is the disadvantage of having the same teacher for two subjects. There's no escape from the subject even for a week.

Finally, in the Fashion Illustration class, after finishing with faces (with measurements mind you...), we got to hairstyles:

Sorry for the bad quality of this ^^ image...this is what happens when I snap a pic in the dead of the night and then try to edit it in GIMP...

Anyways, I'm all geared up for tomorrow's Garment Construction class... I'm guessing it to be Tucks...

TC everyone until my next post.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Extended Weekend

Due to my extended weekend, I couldn't find the time to come online, let alone post here. So, get set for a very long post! 

Kay, so, after the work overload I had to deal with all over last week, the weekend was all fun and relaxed. And, I actually think I earned it.

So, my relaxed weekend kicked off on the evening of Sunday. It was my friend's B'day and that night was gonna be her night. So, we got all dressed-up...I wore this A'Gaci grey & white printed Kimono dress with black stockings and black ballerinas. Oh and these are the bday girl's platforms :) :

Ans then, first, went to this Grill Bar. It was a totally rocking place with good music. And, it had outdoor seating with flowering trees all around and an occasional flower or two falling into our laps.  And a waterfall running over one side. It was a very pleasant place.
The Grill Bar (Sorry for the bad quality, captured it with my iphone)

After snacks, drinks, B'day cake and loads of fun, my friend took us to this hotel for dinner. This hotel had a special midnight buffet, so, we went there around mid-night. We just casually enter the hotel....and, guess what we find there?? There is supposed to be an Award Presentation Show going on there and the place is star studded! We got to see loads of our favorite stars hanging out in the place! They were all Indian actors ofcourse. Sonu Sood, Raima Sen and Prabhu Deva were some of the stars we saw, apart from loads of other regional stars. Anyways, so, after having dinner, we just hung out there going around and just chilling, while keeping an eye on all the actors and what they were up to. So, that was one kool experience. And ofcourse, the hotel's ambience added to out great mood. 
So, yeah after hanging out enough, we went back to my friend's place at around 2.30 in the night and had a sleepover there. Ofcourse, the sleeping part was very little. So, as a result, we got up really late the next day. And went for a very late lunch at 3 in the afternoon. I skipped class for the day :P But then it was worth it...:) So, yeah, we went to HardRock Cafe for lunch.

And after having a good meal, we decided to go bowling. But, we were all dead tired and sleepy. So, we cancelled bowling and instead went for a long drive on the highway...

The drive was all about great music, scenic windows, speed and bundles of fun!

And finally, our drive ended with the sunset and it was time to go home! Ofcourse, after that all of us had to sleep for two whole days to compensate for our lost sleep hehe :) 

I did attend class the next day, but don't feel like talking about class right now...So, I just want to dedicate this song for the outing. Njoy everyone :) TC...

Friday, September 17, 2010

All work and no play...

This is probably going to be the most hectic week in my life. It has been full of activities. And since I wasn't able to post for two whole days, I owe a long post...

First of all, here is the "Fashion Styling" class' assg that I was talking about.

These are my wardrobe essentials. I included everything that I can't do without in my daily life. To be more specific, this is my list of wardrobe essentials:
  • Indian wear (party wear as well as casuals) and Indian jewellery.
  • Jackets and cardigans are a must for me.
  • I always always wear a watch. 
  • I just can't do without bangles.
  • I love Kimono dresses and wear them a lot.
  • I use lots of clutches
  • Being a denim fan, I wear denim a lot in all forms - Jeans, dresses, jackets, jeggings...
  • Hairbands are a must for me. They are very functional and look really cute at the same time.
  • I am a very clumsy person, so, flats and chunky heels are for me. The only time I tried to wear high heels, I fell and injured my leg badly, so since then, heels are a complete no-no for me :P
  • Other than that, I wear leggings with most of my outfits and I wear a belt most of the time. And, not to forget, I love stoles and scarves!
So, yep that's my list of wardrobe essentials. And, you can find everything that I mentioned in the collage below:

 And for the celebrity wardrobe essentials collage, I chose Kristen Stewart. I chose her because she has a very definitive, part gothic style. And, I like her :) So, in the collage I tried to include her wardrobe essentials and then showed how she can improvise her wardrobe without having to disturb her individual style. Her wardrobe essentials include black leather jackets, black leather pants, boots, skinny jeans black and white dresses. I feel that she should try to add a touch of colour - dark colours, to her outfits. And, a little bling & mettalic sheen would do good too.


Now that I'm done with talking about "Fashion Styling" class, I'll move on to next day's "Fashion Illustration"...For the class, we had to make 3 figures with basic poses and basic clothes. So, here they are:

And in yesterday's Fashion Illustration class, we practiced drawing the female face with measurements.

Then, coming to the "Fashion Theory" class, we had to make different textures and prints. I'm still working on it...but, here are a few of what I made:

Incase your wondering what that tooth brush is doing there, it's an old tooth brush that I used to give a spray effect.

Okay that's all for today everyone....I know, this was a pretty boring post, but hey, so was my week! Anyways, I'm eagerly waiting for the weekend. I really need a break now...Hopefully, I'll have the time to make better posts over the weekend...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Kay, still compensating for my lost weekend, I'm doing the assg for tomorrow's "Fashion Styling" class in the last minute. So, after dozing off on my desk several times, I got around to posting this.

Now, about the assignment, we are supposed to make two collages to depict wardrobe essentials first for yourself and then the second for any one celebrity....oh and we are supposed to paste magazine cutouts for this. So, I'm slogging through all those old magazines looking for my supposed wardrobe essentials. Here is a peek at my desktop right now:

And mind you, I'm only done cutting out pix for one collage...God help me with the other! 

Anyways, I will post the completed collage and list exactly what my wardrobe essentials are tomorrow. Bye for now... : *

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Fiasco

Kay I had a terrible weekend and I'm just not able to get over it.... This weekend was supposed to be a festive weekend. Lots of my friends, including my bestfriend, were coming home for a 2 day holiday after months. And I was really excited to be going to meet them. And right when everything was going great, we got news of my aunt's, father-in-law's death. And I ended up baby sitting my aunt's daughter for two days. I missed meeting my friends and, all my assignments which I thought of completing over the weekend are pending.... I'm totally packed with work...oh, and my outfit post for the blog is pending too hehe. So, this week is gonna be quite hectic with all the pending work and all the new work added to it.

Anyways, today we had "Garment Construction" class and we were shown how to stitch different kinds of pleats. So, now we have to make fair samples of those pleats too. But, somehow, I feel good having learnt to make pleats, maybe that's because I love pleats. So, here's showing my love for pleats with this set I made on polyvore:

So, yep that's it for today folks, gotta get back to my pending work now. Ta ta...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun with Antiques

Clearing out my wardrobe was a lot of fun! I digged out all my old clothes...some of them fit me and lots of them didn't. I think this is one the biggest projects I've undertaken in a while, I was clearing it after I don't know how many years! Hehe... anyways, I managed to unearth some very weird pieces and some really pretty ones:

I found this billowy georgette top by "Shantanu & Nikhil". It's pretty old, I guess about five years old :P It makes me look like some kinda desert queen or something lol. But, I love it. The embroidery and detailing on the front is to die for! Maybe I'll wear it sometime....

Next, I found this uber unusual, hot pink top. The colour didn't really come through in the pic, but trust me, it's reaally bright. I think it's a little weird, but, maybe if I syle it right, I can carry it off fine....

Now, this is one piece that I'm really happy to find. This black and white frilly, layered skirt is reeaally pretty and I intend to wear this on a regular basis.

This scarf is the height of weird...I don't even remember buying it! Maybe I can tie it around one of my bags, but around the neck?! No can see how bad it looks:

Other than this, I found lots of really nice pieces that I can use on a daily basis. But, I didn't find them interesting enough to post here....

So, that was my wardrobe clearing story.

Oh and this is the new set I created on "polyvore" for that new Prabal Gurung contest:
God, I never win these contests...but, I have my fingers crossed! And I'm gonna make more sets to enter if I get the time.

And hey, we have our festival tomorrow! "Ganesh Chaturthi"! So, gonna be pretty busy with family tomorrow... Later folks :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cleaning out the wardrobe

This is the finished assignment:

In today's class we were taught how to make basic poses from the mechanical figure....

And btw, I'm working on clearing and organizing my wardrobe today. So, my bed is a  big mess:

Hopefully I can clear this before going to sleep :P And I intent to make some nice outfits from these....and I'll surely post some more outfit posts this weekend :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If only, a day had 36 hours.

I am so sandwiched today. Had a double class today, extra time as we missed out on last week's class. And, I'm yet to finish tomorrow's "Fashion Illustration" assignment! This is what I've done so far....

this is just 50% done. I've gotta paint it now. Will post the completed assignment tomorrow....Gotta run now!  Buh bye...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dress-down Day

Kay, had garment construction again today...and we did the same thing as yesterday and blah blah blah...pretty boring to talk about. So, I'll give it a rest. Instead, I'm going to make this my first outfit post. So, here goes:

My dressing always depends on my mood. I don't have any one kind  of style. Sometimes it's all black and white or earthy tones, and sometimes it's rainbow bright and fluorescent colours. One thing I love to do is layering! But, Indian climate, atleast where I live, prevents me from layering. The climate's always so hot, that I have to stick to basics all the time...

Sometimes I feel like dressing up and sometimes, I just feel like putting on the first thing that gets into my reach... Today was one of those days when I just didn't have the patience to dress up. 

It was a little chilly due to the heavy downpour. But, over here the climate is really minute it's breezy and cold, and just the next minute it could be stuffy and warm. So, if you put on your winter wear just because it's chilly, then you'll be in for a nasty shock when you start sweating like a pig, a little while later. And it's not even so chilly that we'd wanna wear a jacket....So, this is what I ended up wearing today, the first thing that got into my reach:

I know, booring....but hey, this was my dress down day!

And ofcourse I had to take that stole off just minutes after stepping out of the house. It got really warm.

Oh and these are my pet ballerinas:

What I love about this scarf, is it's texture. And ofcourse, the color is really lovely too. And this black stone studded bangle goes with most of my outfits.

 These are my Levi's Diva jeans. They are studded with swarowski crystals which sadly got covered up because of my long tee today. But they were still subtly seen on sitting....

 Anyways, will hopefully feel like dressing up better tomorrow...So, cya'll tomorrow!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dedicated to my Best Friend

We had our garment construction class and we learnt how to finish raw edges on the machine...Oh I wish the piece of cloth would stop flying off!! And btw, I managed to take a snap of the machine. 

The one I posed earlier was from google, so just wanted to post the genuine pic hehe

Anyways, nothing much to say about today's class. But, as I was sitting there and working on the machine, I don't know why but, I really started missing my best friend. She's off doing Medicine at a far off university and it's been months since I saw her...So as soon as I got home, I pulled out this "Best Friend Trophy" she gave me for Friendship's Day...

Looking at the trophy somehow got me really inspired to design a dress based on it. It's quirky colours drew me in I guess. So, here is the design.
Trophy Dress
Maybe one day, when I get the hang of stitching, I'll actually make this outfit and gift it to her...

That's all for today folks! Cya tomorrow...

Just my view on "Aisha"

Here's a quick post...

I watched Aisha for the second time today.

I don't care what the critics have to say, but I really liked the movie! It was a very refreshing change from the usual melodrama and corny jokes we get to see in our bollywood flicks. And I think the best part about the movie is it's casting. Each and every actor was casted with so much care... it was delightful to watch. And each of the characters in the movie had a unique personality.

Anyways, coming to the styling part of the movie, I think the movie was overhyped for it's extensive wardrobe. I'm not saying the clothes were bad, just saying that they could've been better. Aisha's style was very Blair Waldorf ish in lots of places. Like this one for example:

But I love Blair's style so, I liked Aisha's too. And Pinky Bose's style is something that really inspired me. It's very unpredictable and out of the box...her clothes spoke a lot about the personality of this character. And I loved how she carried off Manish Arora's line. I don't think anyone else could've carried it off better...

Aarti's dressing on the other hand was very usual and yawn-worthy. Her clothes are what we get to see every other actress in bollywood wearing. There was no characterization to her clothes. Shefali's style was ofcourse borrowed from Aisha's, just like the story demanded, and yet, there was a kind of innocence shown though her clothes which was lacking in Aisha's clothes. 

Now coming to the hair and make-up. I really dig Aisha's side hairstyles. They looked really chic. I'm plpanning on trying out a few of the myself. Other than that, I think they should've used more curls on Sonam Kapoor as her face is very sleek. Curls would've made her face stand out some more. I really liked how she looked here:
Although the hairstyle by itself isn't really something anyone would want to try, I think it suited Sonam Kapoor a lot. It added a lot of volume to her face. But I think Sonam Kapoor's make-up was really overdone through out the movie. They should've toned it down a little.

Everyone else's hairstyles and make-up wasn't all that note-worthy for me. So, yep that's that about the movie....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Start of the Beginning (Part 2)

After displaying my obvious partiality to "Fashion Illustration" in my previous post, I'll now move on to other aspects of my flashback...

Next, we had a class called "Fashion Theory". Again a very interesting class. This is where they teach us about materials, textures and colours. The teacher for this subject is really cool and chilled out. Lots of us mistook her for a student when we saw her... she just looks too young for her age. And I just love her dressing. Her look is kinda "Contemporary Bohemian", with lots of skirts, layers and long beaded chains. But, there is hardly any floral prints or light colours in her clothing. It's something like this...

So, I'm not really sure what it should be called. Do give your suggestions on this readers....

Getting back to her classes, first we learnt about color theory and colour schemes...and she asked us to design an outfit for each of the colour schemes. And this was supposed to be for our final portfolio, so, it had to look good! And since we still hadn't perfected figure drawing in "Fashion Illustration" class, she asked us to use croquis. So, yeah I used some croquis are the results...

We had to make A total of eight outfits for the eight colour schemes.

Next we had "Garment Construction" class....this is one area that I have no clue about. I've never even stitched a button in my, I very nearly got a heart attack on seeing this industrial machine that we were supposed to work on:

Kay this is not the actual machine, didn't get to take a snap in class...but it does look like this. I was really freaked about turning it's power button on, let alone touch it. But, they made us practice controlling the machine speed for few weeks. So, I kinda got the hang of it. However, the cloth still flies off when I'm trying to stitch on it, due to the speed, sometimes. Or, sometimes I make it so slow that it stops stitching altogether...

While my machine woes show no interest in taking some rest, they started teaching us hand-stitching techniques...I personally found this a little boring. So, don't wanna say much about this.

And finally, we had a class called "Fashion Styling". This is a class that we all love. It's all about learning to put together the right outfits for a person, depending on their body shape, complexion, etc. It also deals with getting to know the right kind of hair and make-up for a particular face shape. It also includes dressing up appropriately for different occasions. Oh and btw, "Fashion Theory" and "Fashion Styling" are conducted by the same lady...

So, in one of  the classes, she made us watch Marie Antoinette and then asked us to design 3 outfits taking inspiration from the movie. This wasn't a very important assignment, so, I just made something very simple, using croquis:

I agree they are shoddily, please don't judge these.

And in another class of hers, we were given a theme to dress up for class. The theme was Gothic... it didn't have to be totally gothic. We just needed to show an element of Goth in our dressing. Coincidentally, I had a black shrug with me that has the potential of being the definition of Goth. So, for this I tried to imitate Alice Cullen's style, from the  twilight series, and wore the shrug over a grey dress, with cropped black leggings underneath and black ballerinas. Some black eyeliner completed my look. But, the piece that stole the show was the shrug. So, here's a picture of my winning shrug:

I think the black lace, frills and the high collar all spell G-O-T-H-I-C...don't you agree, everyone?
Phew....I'm finally done with the flash back! Now I'm free to post newer and better stuff. And you guyz won't have to deal with my tediously long posts anymore.

So, see ya tomorrow....enjoy everyone!