Sunday, October 24, 2010

After a hiatus

After a whole week of falling ill, being in bed rest and then spending the whole of next week working rigorously on the pending work, I'm finally back to my good ol' blog. Feels great to be posting after such a long time. Now this is gonna be one long post. Sorry if I'm boring you, but, hey, this post has 17 days worth of work!!!

First of all, about the photo shoot that I was all excited about. It sorta got stalled for our team because of me
:(...we have decided on 5 looks, but, we are yet to start working on it.

Next, garment construction....this class is especially going totally wrong for me. I have so much, so much pending work. I'm yet to finish with tucks and apparently they taught pockets and stuff which I missed. I have to complete those as well.

For color theory class we have to design outfits and make illustrations for each one of the Principles of design. This too is underway and I have a lot left to do. I'm just finished with two:

assymetrical balance


And then yeah, you guessed that right :P Fashion illustration class....kay too much has happened in this class. But, she makes sure no one has anything pending, so, fortunately I don't have much work pending for this class. They made us work on advanced poses (which I've used in the above illustrations too btw):

and then, we moved on to detailing. Like, ruching, quilting, ruffles, smocking, etc. Sorry but don't have pix for this, yet to finish. Finally we learnt making prints. First, we were made to try and copy prints from mag pictures, as they are:

print swatches

And then, we had to use this print in a full illustration (sorry had to do this within a time of 20 mins in class, so, didn't turn out that great):

And make a full illustration with an innovative print:

I'm still a beginner at illustration, so, I'm still sorta experimenting with different mediums and techniques. Just checking out what works best with what, etc. So, there is a lot of inconsistency in my illustrations...please don't mind.

And apart from all these illustrations, we have started working on texture making. We have to pick a non-fashion related picture from the magazines and try to create a texture, taking inspiration from it on a piece of cloth.I'm actually done making these but sorry can't get pictures of them right now as we had to leave them in class for display. Will post them next week.

So, yeah that was that. 

And, btw, the moment my best friend came home for 2 days and I got a bit of free time, first thing I did was go to the neighborhood rock garden with my friend and take a breath of fresh air. I was still feeling a little sick, so, I dressed up comfortably in a loose printed draped pant and a white shirt. I ended up feeling much better. I love connecting to nature every now and then. And it's really lucky that I have this little green haven right across from my house:

I'm expecting another very hectic schedule this week as I'll be away from home for 4 days - going for my cousin's engagement. I'm gonna miss more classes this week! And I can't imagine the size of the workload when I get back! But still, hopefully I'll be able to share some great moments after getting back. And hopefully, I should be back in time for this week's illustration class on thursday....

Later everyone :)


  1. wow amazing sketches:) check it out:)