Sunday, November 14, 2010

When in Bangalore...

Kay, once again posting after a long internet connection was disconnected for some maintenance reasons. The connection got back yesterday and I have a hell lot of stuff to share!

I'd been in Bangalore for my cousin's engagement. So, this post is just gonna be about that. Will post about the classes in my next post :)

In India everything even remotely related to marriage is a big, how can an engagement be left behind?

Well my cousin's fiancée is a Bangalore based gal, so the engagement too was in Bangalore. My cousin along with all his close relatives (including me btw :P) went to Bangalore. First thing on reaching there, the gift decoration was attested to me. All the gifts (clothes, etc,etc...) being given by my cousin to his fiancée and her family were to be wrapped up with elan. So, I was given this material purchased beforehand by my aunt for the decoration:
On the first look I wasn't very happy with the material, but I started working with them anyways, and the end results were really appreciated by everyone *blush blush*

I used a different theme/colour scheme for the men's gifts & the women's gifts. And ofcourse, the bride's had to be unique. So, a different theme for her gift too. Here is what I made,

I used this peachy gold tissue cloth with a green border/lace and green and copper flowers for the women's gifts (sarees and stuff) and this is how it turned out:

And then, I used a deeper brick reddish tissue and a thin blue border/lace to wrap up the men's gifts. 

Finally, to wrap up the bride's sari, which she was gonna wear for the engagement party in the evening, I used silver tissue and silver lace:

In case your wondering where the lace is, I used the silver lace to make these ^ flowers.  

So, yeah that was about the gifts I wrapped (mostly I just decorated the clothes). Other than these, my aunt got the rest of the gifts decorated by a paid decorator. She didn't want the clothes to get handled and spoiled by paid decorators, so she gave me the job. At the engagement hall, our gifts were all put up together on this long table. So, here's a quick glance at the gift table:

Now coming to the actual event, there were to be two events. A traditional Indian engagement in the temple, in the morning. So, here we were all supposed to dress up traditional. Traditional reds, maroons and yellows in gold woven silks (kanjeevarams), gold ornaments and flowers in the hair:

The bride looked gorgeous in a typical traditional attire. Sorry, I was running around a lot doing errands at the time, so hardly had a moment to snap a better pic... :P

I dressed up in a traditional yellow & red half-sari. Kay, for those who don't know, you'll just have to google up to see what a half-sari is. It's something that's mostly worn by unmarried girls.
So, after the puja and everything we were done with the event in the morning. 

Next, we were gonna have an engagement party in a more contemporary style, complete with the rings exchange and stuff.

The hall was decorated in pretty shades of pink, lavender, purple and gold:

Coincidentally, I too dressed up in a lavender and gold sari. I dunno if it's fate or my uncanny fashion sense, but somehow, I always end up dressing up to blend in with the environment wherever I go....

hm...that is kinda good right?... Anyways, all I can say about the party was that it was a night of pastels. 

The bride wore a pink saree with swarowski studded silver embroidery all over. It was btw the one that I gift wrapped earlier. And you probably realised why I used the silver tissue to wrap it...

And my cousin dressed up in this indowestern sherwani-suit in off white, specially designed for him, to go with the bride's sari:
There were rings exchanged...
...and Cake!!
Aww....I really miss this cake. Anyways, after the rings got exchanged, the cake was cut and dinner served, a dance floor was set up and we had a great time shaking the leg to some rocking numbers played by the dj. 

So, that was about the engagement in Bangalore ....I hope I didn't bore the hell out of all of you...this sure is one long post, huh? Well, I can totally predict that my next post is gonna be much longer than this. Got a lots of classes to cover up hehe.... See ya'll later...:)    


  1. great post dear!!
    a kiss from portugal

  2. Thanks hon....lots of <3 to Portugal :)