Friday, September 17, 2010

All work and no play...

This is probably going to be the most hectic week in my life. It has been full of activities. And since I wasn't able to post for two whole days, I owe a long post...

First of all, here is the "Fashion Styling" class' assg that I was talking about.

These are my wardrobe essentials. I included everything that I can't do without in my daily life. To be more specific, this is my list of wardrobe essentials:
  • Indian wear (party wear as well as casuals) and Indian jewellery.
  • Jackets and cardigans are a must for me.
  • I always always wear a watch. 
  • I just can't do without bangles.
  • I love Kimono dresses and wear them a lot.
  • I use lots of clutches
  • Being a denim fan, I wear denim a lot in all forms - Jeans, dresses, jackets, jeggings...
  • Hairbands are a must for me. They are very functional and look really cute at the same time.
  • I am a very clumsy person, so, flats and chunky heels are for me. The only time I tried to wear high heels, I fell and injured my leg badly, so since then, heels are a complete no-no for me :P
  • Other than that, I wear leggings with most of my outfits and I wear a belt most of the time. And, not to forget, I love stoles and scarves!
So, yep that's my list of wardrobe essentials. And, you can find everything that I mentioned in the collage below:

 And for the celebrity wardrobe essentials collage, I chose Kristen Stewart. I chose her because she has a very definitive, part gothic style. And, I like her :) So, in the collage I tried to include her wardrobe essentials and then showed how she can improvise her wardrobe without having to disturb her individual style. Her wardrobe essentials include black leather jackets, black leather pants, boots, skinny jeans black and white dresses. I feel that she should try to add a touch of colour - dark colours, to her outfits. And, a little bling & mettalic sheen would do good too.


Now that I'm done with talking about "Fashion Styling" class, I'll move on to next day's "Fashion Illustration"...For the class, we had to make 3 figures with basic poses and basic clothes. So, here they are:

And in yesterday's Fashion Illustration class, we practiced drawing the female face with measurements.

Then, coming to the "Fashion Theory" class, we had to make different textures and prints. I'm still working on it...but, here are a few of what I made:

Incase your wondering what that tooth brush is doing there, it's an old tooth brush that I used to give a spray effect.

Okay that's all for today everyone....I know, this was a pretty boring post, but hey, so was my week! Anyways, I'm eagerly waiting for the weekend. I really need a break now...Hopefully, I'll have the time to make better posts over the weekend...


  1. Nice reading all this, Zerry...guess who I am...I am visrom. ;-)

  2. Hi buddy.... Really happy that you've read it Visrom :D