Monday, September 6, 2010

Just my view on "Aisha"

Here's a quick post...

I watched Aisha for the second time today.

I don't care what the critics have to say, but I really liked the movie! It was a very refreshing change from the usual melodrama and corny jokes we get to see in our bollywood flicks. And I think the best part about the movie is it's casting. Each and every actor was casted with so much care... it was delightful to watch. And each of the characters in the movie had a unique personality.

Anyways, coming to the styling part of the movie, I think the movie was overhyped for it's extensive wardrobe. I'm not saying the clothes were bad, just saying that they could've been better. Aisha's style was very Blair Waldorf ish in lots of places. Like this one for example:

But I love Blair's style so, I liked Aisha's too. And Pinky Bose's style is something that really inspired me. It's very unpredictable and out of the box...her clothes spoke a lot about the personality of this character. And I loved how she carried off Manish Arora's line. I don't think anyone else could've carried it off better...

Aarti's dressing on the other hand was very usual and yawn-worthy. Her clothes are what we get to see every other actress in bollywood wearing. There was no characterization to her clothes. Shefali's style was ofcourse borrowed from Aisha's, just like the story demanded, and yet, there was a kind of innocence shown though her clothes which was lacking in Aisha's clothes. 

Now coming to the hair and make-up. I really dig Aisha's side hairstyles. They looked really chic. I'm plpanning on trying out a few of the myself. Other than that, I think they should've used more curls on Sonam Kapoor as her face is very sleek. Curls would've made her face stand out some more. I really liked how she looked here:
Although the hairstyle by itself isn't really something anyone would want to try, I think it suited Sonam Kapoor a lot. It added a lot of volume to her face. But I think Sonam Kapoor's make-up was really overdone through out the movie. They should've toned it down a little.

Everyone else's hairstyles and make-up wasn't all that note-worthy for me. So, yep that's that about the movie....

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