Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dress-down Day

Kay, had garment construction again today...and we did the same thing as yesterday and blah blah blah...pretty boring to talk about. So, I'll give it a rest. Instead, I'm going to make this my first outfit post. So, here goes:

My dressing always depends on my mood. I don't have any one kind  of style. Sometimes it's all black and white or earthy tones, and sometimes it's rainbow bright and fluorescent colours. One thing I love to do is layering! But, Indian climate, atleast where I live, prevents me from layering. The climate's always so hot, that I have to stick to basics all the time...

Sometimes I feel like dressing up and sometimes, I just feel like putting on the first thing that gets into my reach... Today was one of those days when I just didn't have the patience to dress up. 

It was a little chilly due to the heavy downpour. But, over here the climate is really unpredictable...one minute it's breezy and cold, and just the next minute it could be stuffy and warm. So, if you put on your winter wear just because it's chilly, then you'll be in for a nasty shock when you start sweating like a pig, a little while later. And it's not even so chilly that we'd wanna wear a jacket....So, this is what I ended up wearing today, the first thing that got into my reach:

I know, booring....but hey, this was my dress down day!

And ofcourse I had to take that stole off just minutes after stepping out of the house. It got really warm.

Oh and these are my pet ballerinas:

What I love about this scarf, is it's texture. And ofcourse, the color is really lovely too. And this black stone studded bangle goes with most of my outfits.

 These are my Levi's Diva jeans. They are studded with swarowski crystals which sadly got covered up because of my long tee today. But they were still subtly seen on sitting....

 Anyways, will hopefully feel like dressing up better tomorrow...So, cya'll tomorrow!


  1. You put together such a lovely combination even on a dress-down day? Impressive. When I try to do that, it usually ends up a disaster. :D