Monday, September 6, 2010

Dedicated to my Best Friend

We had our garment construction class and we learnt how to finish raw edges on the machine...Oh I wish the piece of cloth would stop flying off!! And btw, I managed to take a snap of the machine. 

The one I posed earlier was from google, so just wanted to post the genuine pic hehe

Anyways, nothing much to say about today's class. But, as I was sitting there and working on the machine, I don't know why but, I really started missing my best friend. She's off doing Medicine at a far off university and it's been months since I saw her...So as soon as I got home, I pulled out this "Best Friend Trophy" she gave me for Friendship's Day...

Looking at the trophy somehow got me really inspired to design a dress based on it. It's quirky colours drew me in I guess. So, here is the design.
Trophy Dress
Maybe one day, when I get the hang of stitching, I'll actually make this outfit and gift it to her...

That's all for today folks! Cya tomorrow...

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