Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Extended Weekend

Due to my extended weekend, I couldn't find the time to come online, let alone post here. So, get set for a very long post! 

Kay, so, after the work overload I had to deal with all over last week, the weekend was all fun and relaxed. And, I actually think I earned it.

So, my relaxed weekend kicked off on the evening of Sunday. It was my friend's B'day and that night was gonna be her night. So, we got all dressed-up...I wore this A'Gaci grey & white printed Kimono dress with black stockings and black ballerinas. Oh and these are the bday girl's platforms :) :

Ans then, first, went to this Grill Bar. It was a totally rocking place with good music. And, it had outdoor seating with flowering trees all around and an occasional flower or two falling into our laps.  And a waterfall running over one side. It was a very pleasant place.
The Grill Bar (Sorry for the bad quality, captured it with my iphone)

After snacks, drinks, B'day cake and loads of fun, my friend took us to this hotel for dinner. This hotel had a special midnight buffet, so, we went there around mid-night. We just casually enter the hotel....and, guess what we find there?? There is supposed to be an Award Presentation Show going on there and the place is star studded! We got to see loads of our favorite stars hanging out in the place! They were all Indian actors ofcourse. Sonu Sood, Raima Sen and Prabhu Deva were some of the stars we saw, apart from loads of other regional stars. Anyways, so, after having dinner, we just hung out there going around and just chilling, while keeping an eye on all the actors and what they were up to. So, that was one kool experience. And ofcourse, the hotel's ambience added to out great mood. 
So, yeah after hanging out enough, we went back to my friend's place at around 2.30 in the night and had a sleepover there. Ofcourse, the sleeping part was very little. So, as a result, we got up really late the next day. And went for a very late lunch at 3 in the afternoon. I skipped class for the day :P But then it was worth it...:) So, yeah, we went to HardRock Cafe for lunch.

And after having a good meal, we decided to go bowling. But, we were all dead tired and sleepy. So, we cancelled bowling and instead went for a long drive on the highway...

The drive was all about great music, scenic windows, speed and bundles of fun!

And finally, our drive ended with the sunset and it was time to go home! Ofcourse, after that all of us had to sleep for two whole days to compensate for our lost sleep hehe :) 

I did attend class the next day, but don't feel like talking about class right now...So, I just want to dedicate this song for the outing. Njoy everyone :) TC...

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