Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Fiasco

Kay I had a terrible weekend and I'm just not able to get over it.... This weekend was supposed to be a festive weekend. Lots of my friends, including my bestfriend, were coming home for a 2 day holiday after months. And I was really excited to be going to meet them. And right when everything was going great, we got news of my aunt's, father-in-law's death. And I ended up baby sitting my aunt's daughter for two days. I missed meeting my friends and, all my assignments which I thought of completing over the weekend are pending.... I'm totally packed with work...oh, and my outfit post for the blog is pending too hehe. So, this week is gonna be quite hectic with all the pending work and all the new work added to it.

Anyways, today we had "Garment Construction" class and we were shown how to stitch different kinds of pleats. So, now we have to make fair samples of those pleats too. But, somehow, I feel good having learnt to make pleats, maybe that's because I love pleats. So, here's showing my love for pleats with this set I made on polyvore:

So, yep that's it for today folks, gotta get back to my pending work now. Ta ta...

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